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In the Fool’s Footsteps – Free Download (until Nov. 25, 2013)

Okay, so my novel was never even submitted for the Giller Prize, let alone making it to the long list. But, one book blogger thought “it would be a top contender“.


Well, get the free ebook and find out for yourself. From November 21-25, 2013, you can download the ebook for free (regular price $5.99). Free is nice, no?

But, please, if you like what you read, don’t keep it to yourself. If you don’t like it, that’s cool, too. I’m just happy that people are reading it. But, do me a solid and take a few minutes to honestly rate and review it on Amazon or Goodreads. It’s a free and easy way to support the arts (if that’s your thing).

The blurb:
You’re in a used bookstore when you find a filthy old notebook. You smell the mildew and feel the aged mushiness of the remaining pages, about to disintegrate in your fingertips, and stained with mud, coffee, tears, who knows what else. Further inspection reveals that it’s a diary. Do you read it? Who wouldn’t?

Then you notice that it has passed through several hands since 1928 when a teenaged runaway named Clara started the whole thing. Now it’s in your hands. Do you add your own story to this odd message-in-a-bottle collection?

This is the question Kal Winters is avoiding. Seventy-six years after Clara dropped her diary on the steps of Union Station, Kal finds it in a used bookstore and sets out to trace its path, hoping to learn the secret of Clara’s identity. During this surreal journey that draws from folklore, legend and tarot, Kal encounters a cast of weird and wonderful players in a story about alienation and the human need to connect.

In the Fool’s Footsteps

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