Emily Lewis, aka Mrs. Mommy Booknerd, did a lovely author profile and book review on her book blog:

“There are books that come to you by chance and when you read the back cover you hope the book can meet the high expectations you set for it.  In the Fool’s Footsteps did not disappoint.  It was an extremely engaging and well weaved story of the travel of a journal through many years 
and many hands.  It illustrates how our lives feed into others and how the power of the written word can become a mystery in and of itself!  I really enjoyed this novel and rate it 4 stars!”

From a 5-star review by Jodi Hanson of Chapters and Chats on goodreads:

“When you pick up a book and read the synopsis on the jacket you take a chance hoping the book is all it professes to be. “In the Fool’s Footsteps” delivers on that promise. Karen Hoffman’s debut novel is lyrically written and felt like a gift from the author as she invited me into the pages where she retells the life of a journal from the first entry until the last word seventy-seven years later…I found myself wondering why this novel wasn’t included in the long-list for the Giller Prize. In my opinion it would be a top contender.”

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A comment left on my other blog:

“…I finished the book in two days and absolutely loved it. My first thought when I finished, without a word of a lie, was ‘Wow! This would make a great movie!” … You have a talent that should be acknowledged, and I have a feeling you’re going to be one of Canada’s best selling authors. I hear you’re working on another and I can’t wait to read it.”

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From a 5-star review on Amazon:

“…The first day reading, 10 pages in, I missed my subway stop and was late for work. Attention captured… It is a completely captivating story of the journey of a diary passed through several hands over a 76 year period; lives lived, and lives being lived. The book is full of believable, colorful characters like you may have encountered, or could imagine encountering in any city or town.
I managed to read this book over one weekend… I could hardly put it down. This is a fantastic story by an exciting new author, and I will be anxiously awaiting her next novel.”(5 stars)

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From Cannibal Cutie:

In the Fool’s Footsteps, a new indie book that I just read, is definitely hard to put down. Karen Hoffman’s complex structure of books within a book and a-million-characters set up is an innovative collection of writings.”

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Another 5-star review on Amazon:

“Toronto novelist Karen Hoffman has written a deeply engaging story which is best described as part fiction, part mystery and all entertainment!”

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