About the Author

Karen Hoffman lives and works in and around the rattle and hum of Toronto. Aside from In the Fool’s Footsteps, she has also written a play called It Just Is that was produced in 2007 at the Junction Arts Festival in Toronto. Karen is also a sporadic blogger and avid hatcher of plans. To learn what is currently incubating, follow Karen on Twitter at @foolsfootsteps or subscribe to ProsperoCity.

One response to “About the Author

  1. Mark

    Hi Karen; I enjoyed our chat yesterday on the deck.
    Here is the singer I mentioned. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RCxJPVo4Ws
    Here is the Haliburton Writers group: http://www.haliburtonwriters.ca/
    Here is the Haliburon Arts council: http://www.haliburtonarts.on.ca/
    I was surprised to see that the local library does not have a copy of your book in their collection. Perhaps you could rectify that.
    Regards; Mark.

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