About this blog

Perhaps you’re wondering why this blog is called what it’s called. Here’s an excerpt from my book, In the Fool’s Footsteps that might help to explain it…

PROSPERO’S BOOKERY was a writer’s black hole: no shelves, no catalogue system, no priority placement for bestsellers. The store was a health hazard, a tinder-box waiting for the spark to ignite it. Teetering stacks of used books lined narrow, transient passageways. It was a librarian’s nightmare. The only rhyme to be found was in a lost volume of poetry; the only reason in a stray philosophy book. The path from the door to the counter changed weekly, along with the inventory. Aisles took sharp turns, often ending abruptly at a pile of magazines or, occasionally, a wall. For Marcus Mesinger, the proprietor, it was the heart of Eden.

Here’s a bit more information about the man behind the business…

Marcus practised the art of self-adornment. Head to toe, he was an array of colours, baubles and hair. A hand-knitted rainbow stocking cap hung to his waist, only slightly shorter than his blue dreadlocks. Hand-painted beads nestled in his mountain man beard and clattered against the trinkets that hung from his neck. Over a fuscia T-shirt, he wore a hand-embroidered vest. The pattern was intricate. Songbirds hid among exotic flowers. Paisleys floated down from his shoulders. His pants were a study in hand-quilted patchwork. The army boots on his feet had been painted yellow, and rhinestones stuck to them. Bells jingled at the ends of the laces. Marcus made all his clothes himself.

Marcus also writes a blog called ProsperoCity, and there is a distinct possibility that Marcus will be guest posting from time to time. (Psst, he’s fictional.)


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