The earliest of reviews…

As I’ve been learning this business of self-publishing and self-promotion, I’ve read again and again that reviews are the key to success. I’ll also add that getting your friends to post the first reviews seems like a smart thing to do (although, I’m probably not nearly pushy enough in that arena). I’ve heard reports that subway and bus stops have been missed, and that alarm clocks have gone off too early because the book was too hard to put down the night before. I humbly accept full responsibility.

Here’s what a couple of readers had to say:

“…I finished the book in two days and absolutely loved it. My first thought when I finished, without a word of a lie, was ‘Wow! This would make a great movie!” … You have a talent that should be acknowledged, and I have a feeling you’re going to be one of Canada’s best selling authors. I hear you’re working on another and I can’t wait to read it.”

A portion of the first review to appear on

“…The first day reading, 10 pages in, I missed my subway stop and was late for work. Attention captured… It is a completely captivating story of the journey of a diary passed through several hands over a 76 year period; lives lived, and lives being lived. The book is full of believable, colorful characters like you may have encountered, or could imagine encountering in any city or town.
I managed to read this book over one weekend… I could hardly put it down. This is a fantastic story by an exciting new author, and I will be anxiously awaiting her next novel.”(5 stars)

Click here to read the full Amazon review.

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